4 incredible reasons to prefer cloth bags in your daily life.

4 incredible reasons to prefer cloth bags in your daily life.

4 incredible reasons to prefer cloth bags in your daily life.


1.- You will help our Environment.

According to The World Counts, in 2018 about 160 thousand plastic bags per second were used worldwide, and less than 1% of the total will be recycled. As they are not resistant like clothing bags, people use them and dispose of them quickly, increasing pollution in landfills, streets and oceans. In addition, they take up to 1,000 years to decompose, releasing toxic particles that affect living beings and the environment.

2.- More durable.

Once you acquire the habit of carrying reusable fabric /cloth bags when you go to shopping or to stores, there are no major drawbacks. The bags are resistant, durable and can be reused many times. Think about that that.

3.- They are comfortable.

Probably one of the most practical reasons: cloth bags are super light and can be folded and easily stored. This makes it convenient to carry them around always. On the days when you need to bring the whole supermarket with you, both the shopping cart and your cloth bags are incredible choices because they do not break, and now they even come in nice colors and designs.

4.- Be an example.

Start using your cloth bags and become a voice in favor of the environment. First in your close social circle, with family and friends, and then with the rest of the neighborhood that will see you using them in your daily life. The damage to our environment has already occurred and pollution is difficult to reverse but we can slow down with small changes in habit that influence other people.

As we can see, it is POSSIBLE and it is not a limitation to eliminate plastic bags in your daily life.


There are already many Peruvians who are working to create a positive and dignified future; We are all part of the hope and change that is today so necessary.

Be part of this CHANGE!