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Arequipa Trek and Adventure Tours

Arequipa Treks & Adventure Tours

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Arequipa Treks & adventure Tours

In Arequipa city Treks & adventure tours are so popular. Our city Arequipa is located at 2,350 meters above sea level and offers the adventure feeling that you’re looking for. The Chachani Volcano (6.050mts.) or  the Misti volcano (5,821 mts.) are some of the high-altitude conquests, that for sure will increase your records of a different and unique travel experience.
We invite you to enjoy with us these wonderful experiences, with the best service, guarantee and the personal touch that characterizes us!
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ArequipaPeru’s second-important city is “Arequipa” also called “The white city”. This city belongs to the highlights of Peru and with good reason!

The City is guarded by three dramatic volcanoes the Misti, Chachani and Pichu pichu and has a great architecture that is a formidable ensemble of baroque-mestizo buildings grafted out of the local white rock called “sillar”, that has so far withstood most of what Mother Earth has thrown at it. The historic center of Arequipa spans an area of 332 hectares and is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000.

Also this city has played a fundamental role in Peru’s gastronomic renaissance; classic spicy dishes such as Rocoto relleno, Chupe de camarones, Cuy Chactao (Fried Guinea pig) and Ocopa Arequipena are some of them to be mentioned. Arequipeños are also a proud people fond of intellectual debate, especially about their fervent political beliefs, which find voice through regular demonstrations in the Plaza de Armas. Not surprisingly, the city has produced one of Latin America’s most influential novelists, Mario Vargas Llosa.

In addition to its beautiful beaches in the summer season (January to March) Arequipa city is also the door for many interesting excursions around the region, one of the most popular are the visit of the the Colca canyon, enormous but dwarfed by the glaciers and volcanoes on either side of the valley; with more distant the Cotahuasi Canyon, the amazing Valley of the Volcanoes, Salinas Lake and more.

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