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Arequipa Day Tours

We are here to help you discover Peru

Arequipa our Day Tours

Check our tour list below. All our tours are completely customizable; you choose your date, activities and more to create your perfect trip!
Small Group / Fixed Daily Departures. City center Arequipa /Casonas / San Camilo market.
Small Group / Fixed Daily Departures. Districts Cayma, Yanahuara, Quarry Añashuayco, Culebrillas, Market, City center.
Learn unique recipes, discover new ingredients and some secrets of our cuisine!
Arequipa is famous beacuse its traditional cuisine; this tour is a unique experience for food lovers!
City center, Monastery Santa Catalina, Church & Claustros La Compañia, Cathedral Museum, Districts Yanahuara & Carmen Alto.
Visit the popular market with the most remarkable places of Arequipa.
Colonial city center, Tambos and Recoleta Convent with its historical library.
Traditional towns outside the city center, area surrounding by pre Incas terraces, Chili River and volcanoes
A collection of ancient petroglyphs made up of 3,000 to 5,000 volcanic rocks which are products of the explosive volcanic…
Salinas is a salt flat of shallow water that is located within the borders of the national reserve of Salinas…
San Camilo market and preparation of peruvian dishes with a family
Classic City Tour ending in Main Square (Plaza de Armas).
A Tour for visitors that enjoy small walks around the countryside and ideal to get slow to the high altitude
This is an exciting opportunity to have a rafting experience in the Chili Valley.
Program that allows you to support & observe the situation of some minorities and the great work of people that…
2 hrs walk along fileds, ideal for persons who want to get acclimatized to the altitude.
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