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Arequipa programs

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Our programs in Arequipa

It is not Possible that you visit Cuzco and Machupicchu avoiding Peru’s second-important city “Arequipa” also called “The white city”. This city belongs to the highlights of Peru and with good reason!. The historic center of Arequipa is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000 and is guarded by three dramatic volcanoes. It has a great architecture that is a formidable ensemble of baroque-mestizo buildings…

Check our tour list below.  All our day tours & programs are completely customizable; you choose your dates, activities, preferences and more to create together your perfect trip!

Small Group / Fixed Daily Departures. City center Arequipa /Casonas / San Camilo market.
Small Group / Fixed Daily Departures. Districts Cayma, Yanahuara, Quarry Añashuayco, Culebrillas, Market, City center.
Learn unique recipes, discover new ingredients and some secrets of our cuisine!
Arequipa is famous beacuse its traditional cuisine; this tour is a unique experience for food lovers!
City Tour & Monastery Santa Teresa; built on 1710 and with 11 galleries.
City center, Monastery Santa Catalina, Church & Claustros La Compañia, Cathedral Museum, Districts Yanahuara & Carmen Alto.
Visit the popular market with the most remarkable places of Arequipa.
Popular Market, City center and la Recoleta monastery.
Traditional towns outside the city center, area surrounding by pre Incas terraces, Chili River and volcanoes
Place where the iconic sillar is extracted; the white volcanic stone that is used in buildings in Arequipa.
A collection of ancient petroglyphs made up of 3,000 to 5,000 volcanic rocks which are products of the explosive volcanic…
Salinas is a salt flat of shallow water that is located within the borders of the national reserve of Salinas…
San Camilo market and preparation of peruvian dishes with a family
Classic City Tour ending in Main Square (Plaza de Armas).
The walk Giardino is an organized half day tour for all those that enjoy small walks around the country side
Located in La Unión province and with a depth of 3,535 meters is considered one of the deepest canyons of…
Cotahuasi valley with a depth of 3,535 meters is considered one of the deepest canyons of the world.
This is an exciting opportunity to have a rafting experience in the Chili Valley.
Program that allows you to support & observe the situation of some minorities and the great work of people that…
2 hrs walk along fileds, ideal for persons who want to get acclimatized to the altitude.
Arequipa 5 days with Colca canyon and the best of the White City.
Get slow to altitude, Colca canyon 2 days and Arequipa city with Anashuayco quarry.
Perfect to get to altitude, Arequipa city center, the Colca Canyon and taste the flavors of our cuisine in a…

What our clients are saying about us:

Agradecemos a Giardino Tours, en especial a Carmen Rosa que ha sido la persona que nos ha diseñado un circuito maravilloso por Perú. Además, el personal de la empresa con la que he tenido el gusto de tratar, tanto Karla como Juanita, que han estado en todo momento pendientes de nuestro grupo y solucionar cualquier incidencia rápidamente. También nuestro agradecimiento a sus guías, Joel, Gerber, Mitzy, José Luis y Carmen Rosa Canales, y a todos los conductores, gracias a todos ellos, nuestro viaje a Perú ha sido un gran éxito. Hemos disfrutado de la hospitalidad peruana, de sus hermosos e irrepetibles paisajes y su riquísima y sana comida. Será un viaje que siempre recordaremos y recomendamos a todos aquellos que estén dudando si hacer un viaje tan largo vale la pena. Claro que vale la pena, ha sido inolvidable. En resumen, muy buena atención, inmejorable servicio y han cumplido con todas nuestras expectativas en nuestro circuito por Perú. Abrazos para todos del grupo SANZ. Rufino Sanz. España. ( Peru Cultural 15 días 2018)
Hallo, Wir möchten uns nochmals ganz herzlich für die sehr gute Organisation bedanken. Es war eine tolle Reise, und es hat alles geklappt. Wir haben von Ihnen alle nötigen Unterlagen und Informationen erhalten, Führer und Chauffeur waren stets pünktlich vor Ort, und die Hotels waren gut. Auch in Bolivien hatten wir keine Probleme, wir waren mit „Turisbus“ sehr zufrieden. Es ist schwierig, Höhepunkte zu nennen, da es überall schön und interessant war. Spezielle Erlebnisse waren die Tage auf dem Titicacasee sowie der Besuch das Salar de Uyuni. Für meinen Mann war der Abstecher in den Urwald der Höhepunkt; er kam begeistert zurück. Er hatte eine ausgezeichnete und gut deutsch sprechende Führerin. Unsere Erwartungen wurden in jeder Beziehung erfüllt. Balthasar und Maria Alig, die Schweiz (Peru /Bolvia 19 days)
Thank you so much Giadino Tours and especially Karla, for organizing such a great trip through the south of Peru for me and my friends! It was great that you planned everything according to our wishes and during the three–week-tour it all worked out perfectly, to every station or new place we got there was somebody waiting for us, to pick us up and take to the hotel and back. We didnt have to worry or organize anything for ourseleves, so we felt very comfortable during the trip and also before and after, because you took care of everything and checked on us frequently. Thanks again for everything, we had a wonderful time!!! Lozada Cristina and friends - Golden South 14 days.
Hello! We had a fantastic trip and much of this was due to your excellent organisation of our route, transportation and accommodation. Thank you. Communication was very good, If we were to venture your way again we would most certainly use your services and indeed we would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people. Reviews seem to relate mostly to trips to Colca Canyon and there is very little mention that you can organise excellent longer itineraries as you did for us. Food for thought perhaps. There must be a big market for indepent travellers such as us who want to use the services of a local agent in whom they think they can trust. It remains only for us to thank you again for organising a splendid trip. I will send you some photos when i have sorted them out. Best wishes! Bill and Suzie Graham. Lambourne UK - The Andean Triangle 24 days
La experiencia de nuestro tour "El Sur de Oro" con Giardino ha sido espectacular. Un equipo entregado a nuestro bienestar, con horarios puntuales de recogida en nuestros hoteles, un circuito de visitas acertadamente escogido, una gran capacidad de adaptar programas a ciertos imprevistos (la huelga de Arequipa no fue obstáculo) y una gran calidad en todos los servicios digna de elogio. Gracias a tod@s por hacer de nuestras vacaciones un recuerdo inolvidable!!! Esteban Pujantel - España (Agosto 2019)
Four of us took a three night trip to The Colca Canyon, the third deepest canyon in the world, full of history, colorful indigenous people, incredible scenery and flying condors. It was a magical and unforgettable trip. Luis Z (Feb 2020)
For such a complex and tailored tour over 15 days I have nothing to complain but just praise for the clockwork organization. Thanks again, we will be back for the North Perú and Selva tour in a couple of years and definitely ask Katia again for her expertise Cosmopolitan67
Sehr schöne Tour mit einem hervorragendem Guide und nicht zu vergessen der super Fahrer. Der Guide wusste genau wo wir den Condor finden, es wurden zahlreiche Stopps zum fotografieren gemacht. Vielen Dank für die 2 tollen Tage. Kussewitzer Nov 2019
"Abbiamo fatto un tour con questa agenzia. Tutto perfetto, a partire dalla Guida (Alex), alla sistemazione ed ai luoghi visitati. Abbiamo visto tutto nei tempi fissati e non ci hanno fatto mancare niente. Semplicemente splendidi!" Federico P
Thank you for all the help arranging and supporting our Peru trip.Arriving at the Sun Gate and the view of Machu Picchu was definitely a highlight of our trip. Having the cellphone was nice and provided reassurance the trip would go well. We really enjoyed Peru and your wonderful organization and the helpful staff made it very pleasant. Overall we had a great trip. Thanks again! Best Regards. Don & Nancy Piercy - Canada (Peru, Golden South 15 days 2019)
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