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Chalhuanca Christmas Activity 2020

Christmas Activity 2020; Joy and hope

Giardino Tours Christmas Activity 2020 in Chalhuanca town in the Colca Valley.

We have just lived an unthinkable year, with many difficulties,  experiencing a climate of uncertainty about the future, their health, their jobs, etc.

But, if we rescue the positive side of this time;  the pandemic has also stimulated acts of kindness and there are many examples of these acts around the world.

Also one of the nice side of this pandemic is that our Mother Nature enjoys a  “stop” of  the  “running” life style of the humans. We are happy to see and enjoy more clear rivers, more green areas, wild animals returning to their home, blue skies, etc.

And from our side, in this Christmas Activity 2020 we are motivated to keep working and teaching the great value of “giving to others”. On Friday, December 18th we visit the Colca Valley to support the staff of the Hotel de la Casa de Mamayacchi in their training in bio-safety protocols and fire extinguishers management.

On the same day we moved to the village of Chalhuanca, annex of Cabanaconde town, bringing support, joy and mainly affection to all the children of the village and pregnant mothers, with toys and clothes.

Christmas Activity 2020

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Pictures: Martha Glave /  Paola Talavera

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