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Cleaning Campaign – Colca Canyon

Dear Friends, clients and family:

On 1st of September 2017 Giardino Tours Peru Realized its “Annual cleaning campaign” this timw in the  town of Coporaque; Colca canyon.

For this activity we had the participation of all team of Giardino Tours, the great support of the staff of the hotel La Casa de Mamayacchi and the students of the School of Coporaque (72 students).

We want specially thank to the director of the school Mrs. Elsa Cadi. for her great Support on this campaign.

In this campaign were collected:


  • 9 Large bags of glass.
  • 10 bags of paper-cardboard.
  • 12 bags of plastic.
  • 09 organic bags.
  • 11 bags other type of garbage.


Also it was realized an awareness activity and some seminar to all students of the school talking aout the importance of recycling, keeping the streets clean and how to apply this knowledge at home.

We want to THANK YOU all for you for your support and active participation.



Working for a Responsible Tourism in Arequipa.

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