Colca Canyon: 2018 Updated information about Colca Canyon Tours

Colca Canyon: 2018 Updated information about Colca Canyon Tours from how to get there, Our excursions and FAQ´s!

Colca Canyon Brief Summary:

The 100km long Cañón del Colca is set among high volcanoes (6613m-high Coropuna and 6310m-high Ampato are the tallest) and ranges from 1000m to more than 3000m in depth. For years there was raging controversy over whether or not this was the world’s deepest canyon at 3191m, but recently it ranked a close second to neighboring Cañón del Cotahuasi, which is just over 150m deeper.

  • Located about 4 hours from the city of Arequipa, Peru.
  • The second deepest canyon in the world and a “Must “if you visit Arequipa city.
  • It is the “best place” in South America to see the Andean Condor.  The condors can be seen at close range as they fly past the canyon walls.
  • It is One of the most popular destinations in Peru for trekking.
  • You will need to buy an official Entrance to the canyon: Adults S/70.00 per person. ( not included in Tours).

Colca Canyon Tour classics or a Trekking?

As a Tour Operator for the Colca canyon for many years we know everyone’s needs are different and people like to explore the Canyon in different forms according to their time, budget and interest.

Colca canyon tours classic: Our classical 2 and 3 days Colca canyon tours are ideal for every visitor and families and can be combined with pick up or transfer from / to Puno city on lake Titicaca. The tours offer some activities in Lodge and optional short hikes around the town. – But in case you prefer to stay in Lodge, taking time for you or resting – It is not problem! 🙂

Colca Designed Treks: For visitors with standard to good physical conditions that enjoy more hiking, we recommend our designed Treks into de Canyon. We offer 2 types of designed treks (3 days (medium level)  and 4 days (hard level). These tours offer transport, local guide and overnights at the  bottom of the Canyon in basic/rustic lodges with some meals.  The tour require a previous acclimatization in case you arrive from the Cost.

  • One day with overnight in Arequipa city is required to acclimatize if you arrive from the Cost.
  • All our transports provide “oxygen” in case of need.

Check all our Colca canyon tours options here.

If you want to read more about the Colca canyon please check our Blog post “Introducing the Colca canyon”

The Colca Canyon is located about 4 hours outside of the city of Arequipa. The best way to get there is to take a tour which includes transportation, guide, lodge and Breakfast.

You can make the reservation of the tour with us via email:

  • The tour begins and ends in Arequipa city (from your hotel).
  • In case your next destination after Colca is Puno on Lake Titicaca we offer the option of a transfer to Puno city (Our transport drop you off at you hotel in Puno if it is located in city center).
  • If you are in Puno city and your want to book the tour to Colca canyon for 2 days we can provide you with the transfer from Puno to Chivay town (Colca canyon) where you will meet your guide and join the Colca classic 2 days tour group. Tour end in Arequipa (In your hotel)


For Classic Tours to  Colca Canyon.

  • Water bottle.
  • Original passport.
  • Local money (Soles).
  • Swimsuit for the Hot springs.
  • Very good Sunscreen and Sunglasses.
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Batteries
  • Warm jacket.
  • Walking shoes and personal medication.

For Designed Treks – Colca Canyon.

  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Light backpack
  • 1.5 to 2 litres of water for day 1 (if you need more you can buy it at the small shops at the villages)
  • Very good Sun cream and sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Trekking shoes or boots / Waterproof rain jacket
  • Warm layers, sweater or jacket (important) –temperatures can reach lows of -10 celsius during the night in June and july.
  • Shorts or pants for walking.
  • Swimming suit, sandals, towel.
  • Flashlight/headtorch
  • Basics like toilet paper, etc
  • Insects repellent
  • Personal medications (if necessary)
  • Hiking sticks (optional)
  • Local money for snacks or drinks

I do not want to take all of my luggage to the tour. Where can I leave my luggage?

For excursion to Colca canyon with return to Arequipa city, hotels and hostels will normally store luggage in their safety deposit for free until you check-in again in your return.

I want to do the Designed Trek to Colca but I am not traveling with any camping equipment.

You do not need any special equipment for our trekking to Colca canyon. The overnights take place in basic rustic lodges at the bottom of the Canyon (provide bed, blankets and bathroom). But it can get cold at nights and there is not heating, so it is important that you take with you warms clothes for the night and also light clothes for the day because can get very  hot. – Very good Trekking shoes or boots is important.

I am afraid about altitude sickness on tours of the Colca Canyon?

Altitude sickness can catch many travelers and normally we recommend that clients stay at least one night in Arequipa city in order to help to get to altitude. To drink Coca Tea the frist day that you arrive to Arequipa will be ideal! Also it is important to avoid alcoholic drinks and drink a lot of water. In our tours we provided “oxygen” in case of need.

Please check our “TIPS” in this link about “Altitude sickness”.