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Colca Canyon Excursions

Mario Vargas Llosa described Colca as “The Valley of Wonders” And we can ensure you that it is no a literary overstatement. Colca is one of the most scenic regions in Peru, a land of imposing snowcapped volcanoes, narrow gorges, artistically terraced agricultural slopes, arid desert landscapes and vegetation, and remote traditional villages.

Check our list below, so you have ideas of our options. We have Excursions with fixed daily departures in small groups and as private service. Each itinerary is completely customizable. You choose your dates, accommodations, activities and more to create together your perfect trip!

Small Group / Fixed daily Departures. National Reserve, Cruz del Condor , Towns Chivay, Coporaque, Yanque...
3 Days - Group Tour
Daily Fixed Departues / Small Groups: National Reserve, Colca valley and sharing with Locals.
3 days - Group Tour
Small Group: Fixed daily Departures. Tour taking the Long Route & transfer to Lake Titicaca & Sillustani remains.
Daily departures. Combination of Colca Valley and Amazing Volcanoes valley in 3 days!
Small Group / Fixed daily departures: Combination Classic Colca 2 days & Hike into the bottom of canyon with local guide.
Colca Canyon Full day. From Arequipa direct to Cruz del Cóndor View point, visit of Chivay Town & National Reserve.
Taking the long route (right side) to the Colca valley visiting traditional non-tourist villages and all highlights of the Colca Classic Tour with Cruz del Condor.
Taking the long route to Colca (right side) visiting non-tourist villages, covering all higlights of Colca classic and Half day sharing with locals.
Experience trekking into one of the deepest canyons in the world!
Experience trekking into one of the deepest canyons in the world!
Allows you to explore the valley closely, traditional towns, short hikings, sharing with locals activities.
Colca canyon Long Route + Sharing activity with locals + short hikings + Transfer to Puno with stop in the forest stone & visit of Lampa town (Called the Pink city)
Spend a Day with locals in Coporaque sharing their daily life.
Strategically military facility made with stones by the Collagua culture. Great views of the valley
Optional Hikes in Colca Valley
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