Cuisine: Preparing your own peruvian “Causa”!

10505324_1501237380091198_1998291109649450207_nOur popular dish “Causa” comes from the Quechuan word ‘Kausaq,’
meaning “that which gives life.”

During the colonial period the newly arrived Spaniards adapted many of the native foods and combined them with foods they brought from Europe, creating the distinctive Peruvian cuisine that exists today. “Causa”; is one of these hybrid dishes: It is a combination of the ancient potato, avocado and aji amarillo (Yellow Chili peppers) that are all native to Peru, and the lime, garlic, and chicken or fish (common with Tuna) imported from Europe.

It can be picante or mild, “Causa”  is an intriguing mix of the abundant flavors found in Peru.

Prepare your own “Causa” in our visit to Colca Canyon ( 2days or 3 days program)  🙂

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