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Covid-19: Respuestas a Consultas

The safety of our customers is our top priority!

Yes! it will always be our top priority, and under this situation we have canceled all trips in our city and Peru until the end of July 2020. We have contacted all our affected customers to find a different solution.

» We would like to thank in a special way all our customers who have decided to re-book their trip at a later date or next 2021″.

And what will happen on the future of Travel in Arequipa and Peru?

We are currently working on and designing alternative tours for the last third part of the year, options of travel that will cover the new safety protocols and provide total security for our customers. We also live in quarantine and are affected, both in work and personal aspects, so we have a deep understanding how important is to offer good a reliable options.

Now more than ever the alternatives of viable day tours, half day tours and weekend excursions will be a good option, that provide a good portion of «vitamins» for the soul and body, programs in which we will be in contact with nature and realize some physical and mental activities.
Daily we are monitoring the current situation about the Pandemic in Peru and are in constant contact with airlines, our partners throughout Peru and government authorities. We are committed to compliance with all ordinances and new standards, so as to always provide you with serious and update information at the time you make your inquiry.

Can I contact Giardino Tours right now?

Of course you can! If you do not find an answer to your concerns about our tours or programs on our website, please call us, send us an email or message using social media. We are already supporting and helping visitors to check some itineraries or making tentative reservations with non-cancellations fees until end 2020.
Please note that some employees have a reduced working hours (temporarily) and we will not always be able to respond immediately, but it is certain that we will always be here to support you and answer all your questions.

We want to say «THANK YOU» again to our customers for their understanding. Their support has been overwhelming and gives us the strength to overcome these difficult times.


Giardino Management.

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