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Giardino Tips for a Responsible Travel Experience!

Peru is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries of South America, help us to take care of it, organize and travel in a responsible form!.


1.- When are you planning your trip, choose those providers that offer guarantees of quality and respect for human rights and the environment.

2.- Also make sure that the companies that you hire during your trip are formal and established; because it means that they pay taxes and this support the growth and development of the country.

3.- Plan your route to minimize carbon emissions – travel by train or public bus where it is possible, minimize internal flights.


Ask to your Giardino agent for different options….

  1. Read about our culture and learn a few words in spanish – traveling with respect earns you respect.
  2. Remove all excess packaging – waste disposal is difficult in remote places like Valleys, rivers or traditional towns.
  3. Take to your trip rechargeable batteries for camera or other electronic devices; if not, please return the old batteries to your country. In Peru battery recycling is difficult and in many places almost impossible; please do not forget that one battery can contaminate 40 liters of water.
  4. Take a Reusable Botle of Water and a cloth bag.Check a Full Post about this topics here.
  5. Take with you Solid Shampu (You can not imagine the amount of bottles of shampoo and soap that our travelers leave in hotels.)
  6. Ask to Giardino Tour Operator for specific tips for responsible travel in your destination.
  1. Buy local products and use local restaurants.
  2. Take tours where you know that hire a local guide – you’ll discover more about local culture and lives, and they will earn an income.
  3. Remeber that “cheap prices” does not means “quality and fair prices” in many cases you are supporting informality or abuse of employes and providers.
  4. Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods, or ancient remains or artefacts.
  5. Respect local cultures, traditions and holy places – if you have a doubt ask for advice or don’t visit.
  6. Hire a bike or walk when convenient – its a great way to meet local people on their terms and reduce pollution and carbon emissions: Support the walking tours offered by your local tour Operator.
  7. Use water sparingly – its very precious in many regions and tourists tend to use more than local people.
  8. Try to minimize waste generation. They are a source of contamination.
  9. If you walk in a natural area, make sure that the only trace that you left behind is your “footprint”.
  10. If you are interested in taking part in social supports, Giardino Tour Operator works together, in different actions and activities, with the children’s house “Hogar de Cristo – Arequipa” a non-profit organization that help and support poor children who work on the streets. Consult with us the different ways to participate.
  11. Remember that local people have different ways of thinking and concepts of time, this just makes them different, But is nothing wrong with that – cultivate the habit of asking questions. Be a curious and deep traveler, and take the advantages of this rich experience in Peru.
  12. When you buy gifts and souvenirs look for products that are expressions of local culture. This promote the economy of the people and their cultural diversity.
  13. Try to contribute during your trip with your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism for a healthier planet and solidarity.
  1. Write to your tour operator or hotel with any comments or feedback about your holiday, and especially include any suggestions on reducing environmental impacts and increasing benefits to local communities.
  2. Support good  and Reliable Tour Operators using the Media like Trip advisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…Positive comments motivate us. Remember that is our goal that you get back home with great experiences and memories about our Country. If you are no happy with a service, inform your agent immediately and ask for an explanation and more infos.
  3. If you’ve promised to send pictures or gifts to local people remember to do so!
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