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Health Campaign 2017

Health Campaign 2017.
Working together Giardino Tour Operator, Lodge La casa de Mamayacchi and Doctors of Clinic “San Juan de Dios”

Dear Friends and clients.

We want to thank you, especially to all of you that supported us and participated in our “Health campaign 2017” realized in the town of Coporaque – Colca canyon this 17, 18 and 19 of November.  A very special Thanks to our “Doctors”  and to the team of Giardino and Casa de Mamayacchi for their support of these 3 days of work (Juan Ignacio Puertas Lazo, Carlos Almeida and our drivers Julio, Derly and Fernando) .

During this campaign about 350 people received free medical attention at fields of:


  • Pediatric I and II.
  • Odontology I and II.
  • Gynecology.
  • Surgery.
  • Traumatology.
  • Nutrition.
  • Psychology.
  • Otorhinolaryngology.
  • Medicine I and II.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Social work assistance.
  • Pharmacy & Laboratory.


This free service to the local people is only possible because of your support and trust in our work and professionalism.


Thanks a lot! 🙂

Giardino Team Peru.

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