Health Campaign Colca canyon 2016 with Giardino & Doctors without Borders.


Health Campaign 2016 with Giardino Tour Operator and Doctors without Borders of Clinic San Juan de Dios.

We want to thank you! Especially to all of you that supported us and participated in our “Health campaign  2016” realized in the town of Coporaque – Colca canyon end of April/beginning of May 2016.
Special Thanks to our doctors, who share their knowledge with ethics and love and always are prepared to support and help!
During this campaign  about 500 people received medical attention in the fields of:

Pediatric I and II, Odontology I and II, Gynecology, Surgery, Traumatology, Nutrition, Psychology, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine I and II, Ultrasound, Social work, Pharmacy, Laboratory, etc.

This free service to the local people was a success thanks to your support and trust in our work!

Giardino Team