Cotahuasi Canyon – Arequipa.

The Cotahuasi canyon is located in La Unión province, one of the remote provinces in the Arequipa region and with a depth of 3,535 meters is considered deeper then the Colca Canyon, however not as deep as some canyons in the Himalayas.
The canyon itself is an impressive gorge carved by the river passing between two enormous volcanos: Coropuna (6425m) and Solimana (6093m). The Cotahuasi River, starts from the Huanzococha lagoon at more than 4,750 m. and later it receives the contributions of the Huayllapaña River in the district of Pampamarca to the north, and the Huarcaya River, near Tomepampa, from the west, traversing the whole canyon to later be united with the Maran River and eventually form the Ocoña River which flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
In Cotahuasi, which in Quechua means The Deep House, we will find many tourist attractions for every taste and interest, such as; Sipia, a magnificent waterfall, 150 meters high, Huaynacota terraces, a bunch of traditional towns, several snow-capped mountains, a couple of hanging bridges, ancient traditions and costumes, natural hot springs, Pre-Hispanic and historical ruins, the unique flora of Ayahuasi and Cahuana, amongst others.
To visit the Cotahuasi Valley we have to pass through Cotahuasi town (the capital of the province) that is located 375 kilometres northeast of Arequipa City.

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