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Regulations Machupicchu from January 2019

According to the new regulations that apply from Jan. 2019; the entrance tickets to Machupicchu citadel will be now only reserved according to timetables; starting at:

  • 6.00 hours.
  • 7.00 hours.
  • 8.00 hours.
  • 9.00 hours.
  • 10.00 hours.
  • 11.00 hours.
  • 12.00 hours.
  • 13.00 hours.
  • 14.00 hours.

The duration of the visit has a maximum of 4 hrs.

You will only be allowed to visit the monument at the time specified in your entrance.

Visitors must leave the site within the time frame stated, and cannot re-enter once visitors have left the site.

Visitors and guides who don’t enter and leave within the time frame stated, will be assisted to the exit by the competent authorities!

Entry with Official Guide Only: All visitors entering Machu Picchu must be accompanied by a guide. Guides must be official Machu Picchu guides or licensed tourist guides.

Please check with your Giardino Agent for more details about your visit to Machupicchu.

Giardino Tour Operator.

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