Recognition 2017 AutoColca for Giardino Tours

Recognition 2017 AutoColca for Giardino Tours

Words from our manager Lula to all Giardino Team:

“Dear family of Giardino Tours!

The  AUTOCOLCA (Authority of Colca area) has rewarded our company with a 2017 certification pointing our good work in the Colca Canyon, National Reseve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca and Volcanoes valley.

This recognition pointed our positive and sustainable contributions to the development of these areas and that makes us very happy.

We are a team, and as such, this recognition is for ALL OF US!  We keep working motivated and as our slogan said:
“GIARDINO…excellence in its travel destinations, leaving a mark in travelers path” 

I want to say “Thanks to all of you” Thanks for your work passion, your professionalism  and because I know  every day, you give your best!
Congratulations Giardino!