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Social Responsibility

Working for the Future!

Social Responsibility

For Giardino Tours it is very important to be a support and a positive influence in education, health, the active economy, awareness about taking care of our environment and the protection of nature.
We know that solidarity and fair tourism helps the development of the towns and villages. The involvement of locals in services and  tourist activities we offer is an important factor and principle in our company; but also providing necessary support to the more vulnerable people. We try to focus on education and motivation on different important topics, showing as priority values the respect for people, cultures and nature, and working  for a more equitable sharing of the resources generated by tourist activity.

First collection & recycling of electrical / electronic equipment 2021

On May 26th  and 30th, we realized our collection campaigns of electrical and electronic equipment. Activity that allows us to [...]

10 July 2021 Winter support to villages Pillone & Vincocaya

This 2021 is a very difficult year but we are committed to continue supporting those in need and that due [...]

Giardino Tours is a Travelife Partner – International Sustainability in Tourism

GIARDINO TOURS IS ‘TRAVELIFE PARTNER The company Giardino Tours from Peru has been accredited as a Travelife Partner. This accreditation [...]

International Recognition GRI 2020 Sustainability managment

2020 sustainability report GRI Our entire team is happy and proud of our achievements. Because we are a team that [...]

Christmas in Coporaque 2020

Christmas in Coporaque 2020; Colca canyon Giardino Tours and the Lodge "La casa de Mamayacchi" are happy to share with [...]

Christmas Activity 2020; Joy and hope

Giardino Tours Christmas Activity 2020 in Chalhuanca town in the Colca Valley. We have just lived an unthinkable year, with [...]

Recognition 2019 Clinic San Juan de Dios

The Clinic "San Juan de Dios"  grants the present recognition to: Giardino Tours EIRL.  As a benefactor of the "Mission [...]

Thank you so much. We are helping with your help!

Dear Friends and Clients: In this difficult times of Covid-19, GIARDINO TOURS has received a donation of $2000.00 - S/.6800.00 [...]

Christmas campaign 2019

This December 19th we realized our last Social activity of 2019.  Our Christmas campaign was realized this year in the [...]

Social Activities (video)

Social Responsibility is the obligation that all businesses assume towards society.  For us it is very important to be a [...]

Winter Campaign 2019 #BrindandoCalor

On May 30th our annual Winter campaign #GiardinoBrindandoCalor was realized. Every year Peru supports extreme low temperatures from June to [...]

Cleaning Campaign – Colca Canyon

Dear Friends, clients and family: On 1st of September 2017 Giardino Tours Peru Realized its "Annual cleaning campaign" this timw [...]

Winter Campaign 2018; a Challenge!

Winter campaign 2018 - We arrived where no one arrives!   We believe in heroes... Why?.... Because we have the [...]

Replanting of 11000 trees in Arequipa

From Giardino Tours we want to thank and congratulate those who with great effort, magnificent labor and a wonderful attitude [...]

Our Challenge: To transform arid land into a beautiful garden

We are happy and motivated starting our new challenge! This 2018 the challenge is to transform “an arid land into [...]

Winter Campaign 2017 in Condori town

Dear friends and clients! On June 12th 2017 we realized our “Winter Campaign 2017 in the town of Condori“. We [...]

Health Campaign 2017

Health Campaign 2017. Working together Giardino Tour Operator, Lodge La casa de Mamayacchi and Doctors of Clinic “San Juan de [...]

Award 2017 Social & environmental Company.

Dear friends; This September 8th Giardino Tours Peru and our partner hotel “La Casa de mi Abuela” received a recognition [...]

We received the TourCert International Certification

Congratulations! ¡Felicitaciones! Herzlichen Glückwunsch... To all TEAM GIARDINO! TourCert is a Germany- based certification system for sustainability in tourism. The [...]

Arequipa’s Municipality; Recognition 2018

We want to thanks to the Municipality of Arequipa city for this Second Recognition to Giardino Tours Perú for our [...]

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