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Social Responsability

Social Responsability

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Giardino Tips for a Responsible Travel Experience!

Peru is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries of South America, help us to take care of it, [...]

Social Activities (video)

Social Responsibility is the obligation that all businesses assume towards society.  For us it is very important to be a [...]

Our Challenge: To transform arid land into a beautiful garden

We are happy and motivated starting our new challenge! This 2018 the challenge is to transform “an arid land into [...]

Winter Campaign 2019 #BrindandoCalor

On May 30th our annual Winter campaign #GiardinoBrindandoCalor was realized. Every year Peru supports extreme low temperatures from June to [...]

Award 2017 Social & environmental Company.

Dear friends; This September 8th Giardino Tours Peru and our partner hotel “La Casa de mi Abuela” received a recognition [...]

We received the TourCert International Certification

Congratulations! ¡Felicitaciones! Herzlichen Glückwunsch... To all TEAM GIARDINO! TourCert is a Germany- based certification system for sustainability in tourism. The [...]

What you should bring in your luggage if you visit Peru!

As a company focused on sustainable tourism in our country; we are concern about the problem of garbage that day [...]

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