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Sustainability policy

Sustainability Policy

Giardino Tours is a tour operator based in Arequipa – Peru with almost 25 years of activity, maintaining its leadership position in the market, and providing high-quality tourist services that meet the expectations of our clients, as stated in its comments.

We apply ethical-moral principles and values, through the dedication and attachment of our collaborators and suppliers, responsible for their achievement.


We advocate sustainable tourism, where our operations go hand in hand, with the protection of our flora and fauna, likewise, we value our cultural heritage as a legacy of our history, and decisive support in the development of the local communities with which we work.

We share with our collaborators and suppliers absolute harmony, regarding our sustainability policy, under the premise, that it be shown abroad, previously developed and experienced internally. We constantly optimize our proposals and perspectives, trying to achieve an effective role in tourism, rescuing its virtues and potential.


 International certification for a tourism committed to reaching sustainability.


TourCert International Certification for responsibility and sustainability!

We provide services that raise experiences, that touch our conscience and in turn, allow fun and entertainment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and offer programs that generate a minimal negative impact on our eco-system and its environment, observing strict compliance with the regulations on socio-environmental responsibility.

We offer eco friendly services that improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, which constitutes our main human capital. We provide services that raise experiences, that touch our conscience and in turn, allow fun and entertainment.

In sum, we strive to generate a feeling of responsibility, the purpose of which is to save our common home, the planet.

Our Social work

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