Peru trip 14 days!

Dear Carmen

My apologies for delay in replying to you but I had a lot of catching up to do after my trip. I would like to thank you very much for organizing our tour. Despite all the diseases and difficulties for the participants it was an unforgettable experience Special thank you your guide Jessica. She was very helpful. She is a very warm, friendly and hearty person. That makes her easily win people over. She gave us lots of information about everyday lifewhat really helped us to understand the country, She was the right person in the right place. Special warm words of gratitude I also have for Irma from Lima. She was extremely involved, taking care of every detail. Another of your “pearls” is Aida, tour guide from Machu Picchu. She was very competent and thorough. She was not only knowledgeable but also very passionate about the place. In conclusion, regardless of the various unexpected events,the trip was one of those “must have” and I’m sure the tourists will long remember this trip and your incredible country.

Once more thank you very much for all your support in preparing our Group trip.

Best regards

Danuta Pukało