Dear Rosa Luz

I am finally taking a few minutes to send you a thank you note for doing such a beautiful job in helping us plan our trip to Peru. The trip was a success from start to finish even if we had some problem with altitude sickness. Jose and you deserve a special THANK YOU for handling our medical emergency with such professionalism and bring us back to lower altitude the very next day. It was very reassuring to have Jose there with us and be my interpret since I don’t speak Spanish.

I have only good things to say about my trip and all the people we have met and dealt with along the way. The efficiency of the tourism industry in your country impressed me the most. No delays, friendly KNOWLEDGEABLE people, respectful and superb service.

People at the hotel went out of their way to give us what we needed. A little example I have in mind: one night in particular we were coming back from an excursion around 9 PM and were not feeling well and only wanted to eat cereal for supper… but cereal is not on supper time menu … so we mentioned our dilemma to the waiter on duty and he let us have cereal on condition that we kept it a secret and not tell other guests…NOW THIS IS SERVICE!!! (we were so excited at having our cereal, we felt like two little kids sneaking candy from our parents HA HA HA!!!)

Again, thank you very much for a job very well done and if I have the opportunity to recommend your organization I definitely will.

Clauda LeBlanc and Claire Cyr