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Giardino Clients Testimonials

Testimonials of our clients; our best presentation card!

Agradecimiento por el servicio y atención a Giardino Tours

Agradecemos a Giardino Tours E.I.R.L Calle Jerusalén 604 – A, Arequipa – Perú,  en especial a Carmen Rosa Vasquez, que ha sido la persona que nos ha diseñado un circuito maravilloso por Perú.
Además, el personal de la empresa con la que he tenido el gusto de tratar, tanto Karla como Juanita, que han estado en todo momento pendientes de nuestro grupo y solucionar cualquier incidencia rápidamente. También nuestro agradecimiento a sus guías, Joel, Gerber, Mitzy, José Luis y Carmen Rosa Canales, y a todos los conductores, gracias a todos ellos, nuestro viaje a Perú ha sido un gran éxito.  Hemos disfrutado de la hospitalidad peruana, de sus hermosos e irrepetibles paisajes y su riquísima y sana comida.
Será un viaje que siempre recordaremos y recomendamos a todos aquellos que estén dudando si hacer un viaje tan largo vale la pena. Claro que vale la pena, ha sido inolvidable.
En resumen, muy buena atención, inmejorable servicio y han cumplido con todas nuestras expectativas en nuestro circuito por Perú.
Abrazos para todos del grupo SANZ.
Rufino Sanz


Hello Guillermo;
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work you put in to make our little trip really nice. We appreciate your efforts in arraigning the flight and the transfers. I have no complaints, everything was first class. The rooms at El Hotel Las Dunas could use a make over but the common areas and the food were great. The Marriott and the luxury Collection in Paracas are nice even by US standards.
David Mahas – October 2018

Mejor de lo esperado!

Hola Carmen Rosa y Giardino!
Respecto al viaje en conjunto, fué mejor de lo esperado. Hemos vuelto con un gran “sabor de boca” por los buenos recuerdos que nos quedan ( hice 1.010 fotografías ).
Ignasi Girau!
Programa Sur de oro 14 días; Agosto 2018

Everything was great!

Hi, Carmen Rosa. Everything was great! Juana was punctual and extremely helpful. She even loaned me a cane to use because my knee was bothering me. I can’t say enough good things about her. The guides at Machu Picchu were also wonderful. Someone was there at every step to show me how to get to the train and bus and hotel. I also appreciated how helpful you were in planning everything. I never would have been able to get all the details straight on my own. I will definitely recommend Giardino to my friends if any of them ever travel to Peru.
Rebecca Luttrell.

May 2018 – Programa “Ceremonial Cusco 5 days”


The Andean Triangle 24 days!

Hello Carmen Rosa,
You have beaten me to it, I was intending to contact you later in the week.
We had a fantastic trip and much of this was due to your excellent organisation of our route, transportation and accommodation. Thank you.
Communication was very good in Peru, but inevitably as the lines of communiation got streched into Bolivia and Chile this became less good.
If we were to venture your way again we would most certainly use your services and indeed we would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people.
Reviews seem to relate mostly to trips to Colca Canyon and there is very little mention that you can organise excellent longer itineraries as you did for us. Food for thought perhaps.
There must be a big market for indepent travellers such as us who want to use the services of a local agent in whom they think they can trust.
It remains only for us to thank you again for organising a splendid trip. I will send you some photos when i have sorted them out.
Best wishes,
Bill and Suzie Graham.
Lambourne – UK
Program The Andean Triangle 24 days

Thanks Giardino

From: John Ohman

Hola!! We just returned from Peru and wanted to say how much we enjoyed our tour of Colca Canyon. Our guide, Herby and Walther as driver, was outstanding with his knowledge of the area, weather conditions and altitude challenges. He made our tour so much more memorable than we expected.

Please pass our thanks to Herby for his excellent service.

John and Kathy Ohman

February 19th 2018.

The Golden South. A great trip!

Thank you so much Giadino Tours and especially Karla, for organizing such a great trip through the south of Peru for me and my friends! It was great that you planned everything according to our wishes and during the three–week-tour it all worked out perfectly, to every station or new place we got there was somebody waiting for us, to pick us up and take to the hotel and back. We didnt have to worry or organize anything for ourseleves, so we felt very comfortable during the trip and also before and after, because you took care of everything and checked on us frequently. Thanks again for everything, we had a wonderful time!!! ?

Schoof Lozada Cristina and friends

Program: Golden South 14 days. Travel March 2017.

Peru Reise!

Hallo Carmen

Wir möchten uns nochmals ganz herzlich für die sehr gute Organisation bedanken. Es war eine tolle Reise, und es hat alles geklappt. Wir haben von Ihnen alle nötigen Unterlagen und Informationen erhalten, Führer und Chauffeur waren stets pünktlich vor Ort, und die Hotels waren gut. Auch in Bolivien hatten wir keine Probleme, wir waren mit „Turisbus“ sehr zufrieden. Es ist schwierig, Höhepunkte zu nennen, da es überall schön und interessant war. Spezielle Erlebnisse waren die Tage auf dem Titicacasee sowie der Besuch das Salar de Uyuni. Für meinen Mann war der Abstecher in den Urwald der Höhepunkt; er kam begeistert zurück. Er hatte eine ausgezeichnete und gut deutsch sprechende Führerin. Unsere Erwartungen wurden in jeder Beziehung erfüllt.

Wir wünschen eube gute Zeit und grüssen herzlich

Balthasar und Maria Alig

Program Peru and Bolvia 19 days

Colca tour

This is a very recommendable tour option, of course meeting a lot of other tourists at the highlights of the tour but nevertheless among the most impressive sights (next to Machu Picchu and Rain Forest Lodge). Conversation in English was very good, our Guide Olivia was perfect in language skills and kowledge about area, customs and history.
You were highly recommended in this travelguide  “Reise Know How”.

Name of your tour: Canyon del Colca

Michael Schutze.- September 2017

Thank you!

Your em communication impressed me that GT if efficent
suggestions?: Nothing Just do what you do best
I am sure there are other tour companies, Giardino specially in my book is the BEST

Henry Abrahamian

Visit Colca canyon Sptember 2017


Excellent tour company and outstanding guide!
Milagros was delightful, fluent and knowledgeable! I give her perfect scores for helping us experience a slice of Peruvian culture!!!
Karla from Giardino Travel, Milagros our guide and Beni our driver made our experience in Peru memorable!!!
I recommend them highly! In short, it was a perfect trip!
Thanks and saludos to Karla, Milagros and Beni!!!!

Travel June 2017

Sandra DiAngi – Tour Colca canyon

Peru trip; Thanks a lot Carmen Rosa

Hello Carmen Rosa; we really had a wonderful trip!

I loved the Colca Canyon and our stay there; too bad Anne was ill. The Inca trail and the Manu adventure was fantastic. The company you work with in Cusco was very good. Hector was an excellent guide for Cusco and the ruins around the city. I think according to my guide book we saw everything.
I really like the way you do trips, I like not being with a big group all of the time and yet I enjoyed all of the people we met in all of the different groups we were a part of.

I would really like to go back and take some more adventures in Peru.
Thank you very much for such an excellent trip.

Nancy Ross-Bruels and Ann. (USA)

Program Golden South 14 days + Amazon forest

Couldn\’t have asked for anything better!

We chose to have a private tour around the Colca Canyon for 6 people. Let me start by saying that everything was amazing! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us the history of everywhere we went, starting in Arequipa.
He made sure that we didn\’t miss a thing! Our driver was equally impressive.
He was confident driving through Arequipa and then into the Canyon. We also enjoyed his little inputs at all of the stops. The beginning of the tour started out stressful. I had given the wrong dates when I made the booking, and didn\’t realize it until the morning I thought we were leaving. Karla helped us get everything figured out that morning and we were able to get on the road by lunch time.
I could not believe how accommodating they were. Thank you, thank you! We stayed at the Colca Lodge, and wow. Breathtaking. If you can stay here, definitely do. Our guide and driver weren\’t lying when they said we would want to stay longer. We started the next day bright and early so we could go watch the flight of the condors. Our tour guide knew the best place to see them and got us situated right along the edge of the viewpoint.
Everything was amazing! Great tour, great staff, and great views.

Couldn\’t have asked for anything better!

Andrea Jensen

3 day Colca Canyon

I wanted to email you to let you know what a wonderful experience myself and 3 adult children had with your tour Company.
We travelled on a 3 day Colca Canyon tour on October 14th-Oct 16th. We choose to stay at the Casa de Mamma Yacchi(wonderful), and our tour guide was Luis(Hatakeda Pacheco).
Our experience with Luis was incredible, far beyond our expectations.. His English was perfect and his knowledge of explaining to us the history of Peru, the culture, made our tour a wonderful experience. We would highly recommend Luis to other travellers who would like to make the Colca Canyon, or any other tours with your company. The house/farm visit in Corporaque with Josephina and her family was amazing and a wonderful experience for us.

Thank you again , I am so glad I found your company on Trip Advisor.

Peg Margaret Irwin Jane Robertson Pete Robertson and Lisa Riehl.

Services to University of South Florida

Muy Buenos días Lulita,

Espero estés muy bien. Escribe para agradecerte por el excelente servicio y atención para con la delegación de University of South Florida. Ellos han quedado encantados con la experiencia y con la calidad de servicio recibida.

Por nuestra parte, agradecemos todas las facilidades y gentil disposición en cuanto a las exhaustivas coordinaciones realizadas con Angi. Copio en este correo al Director del Center for Global Education, Jorge Bentin quien tiene conocimiento de todo el trabajo realizado.

Quedamos a tu entera disposición y eternamente agradecidos contigo y tu equipo.

Un abrazo,


Rocio Baldárrago Valdivia

Thanks to you and your wonderful team at Giardino Tours

Carmen, we are back in Oz with a couple of days, what a trip we had all thanks to you and your wonderful team at Giardino Tours. Let me start with the Inka Trail, the guide – Alfredo was excellent also the seven porters we had were so kind and helpful, the cook dished up the most wonderful food, the trip on the trail ran so well, the only issue I would have is that we were not made aware by the tour operator in Cusco of the amount of porters we would have before we set off  and when it came to the tips we had left ourselves short, we had enough money to cover all the tips but we had no local currency left for ourselves – perhaps the tour operator in Cusco should make people aware of the costs before the trek.  The Amazon was amazing, our guide Yuri was very interesting, we had a local guide named Fernando who did the activities with us and he was the best you could ask for – such a lovely guy.  Next came Puno – the hotel was good, and the trip out to the island was very interesting, unfortunately we had lots of rain and it was very cold, but we met some lovely local people and their children.  The guide in Bolivia – Nemeses was really good, his English was excellent and he could answer any questions we asked him, he was with us to La Paz – he was always on time when meeting us and took us to some very interesting places  – the salt flats were great, it was a long journey by bus and train – we stayed in Uyumi on Xmas night – the hotel was basic, but it was ok, our driver and guide were very nice we travelled a long way with them in the 4 wheel drive. The bus trip back to La Paz was pretty scary as with the heavy rain it kept getting stuck in the mud, we had a fantastic driver who brought us all safely to La Paz.

To summarise:  Carmen you did a wonderful job – our tour was so well organised – the people we dealt with were so friendly, we felt very safe in Peru and Bolivia. You have done your company a great credit and I would have no hesitation in recommending Giardino Tours to anyone here in Australia.  You live in a beautiful part of the world – you are very lucky.  Again many, many thanks for the wonderful time you gave us as a family in Peru and Bolivia. I wish you every success in the future and please do contact me if you intend to travel to Australia we would love to have you come and visit us in our home.

Kindest Regards,

Elly Murphy

Program Peru and Bolivia 19 days

Peru trip 14 days!

Dear Carmen

My apologies for delay in replying to you but I had a lot of catching up to do after my trip. I would like to thank you very much for organizing our tour. Despite all the diseases and difficulties for the participants it was an unforgettable experience Special thank you your guide Jessica. She was very helpful. She is a very warm, friendly and hearty person. That makes her easily win people over. She gave us lots of information about everyday lifewhat really helped us to understand the country, She was the right person in the right place. Special warm words of gratitude I also have for Irma from Lima. She was extremely involved, taking care of every detail. Another of your “pearls” is Aida, tour guide from Machu Picchu. She was very competent and thorough. She was not only knowledgeable but also very passionate about the place. In conclusion, regardless of the various unexpected events,the trip was one of those “must have” and I’m sure the tourists will long remember this trip and your incredible country.

Once more thank you very much for all your support in preparing our Group trip.

Best regards

Danuta Pukało

Colca canyon

This was a well-organized tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend this tour to others.
Deb Lane

Dan Hill and Lisle Christie

We have just completed our 3 week exploration of Peru and I needed to let you know how fantastic our experience with your company was.
Maryann provided us with a private guided tour of Arequipa and was charming, engaging and informative.
Genna took us on a small group excursion to Colca Canyon. She was amazing. Funny and engaging, interesting in each participant and working hard to ensure everyone had the best experience.
The knowledge and skill of your staff is amazing.
Thank you for adding so much to our trip, and please pass along our thanks to these wonderful women.

Colca canyon tour

Dear Mrs and Mr,

We would like to thank you for the wonderfull trip we made with Mary-Ann, we were a group of three persons, and travelled with her to Coporaque en the Canon del Colca.
We travelled 27 and 28 th of april with her.
Please, when it is possible, could you give her our e-mailadress? She has a little information for us about the Arequipa region and a receipt of Pisco Sour and Cerviche.

Best regards,

Klaas and Irene van den Berg


Dear Roza Luz

I am back home in Sweden after a FANTASTIC trip to South America. Everything went according to your itinerary. We have seen and experienced soo much – Lake Titicaka, Cusco, Macchu Picchu, Galapagos… All the representatives were there when they should, so there were no incidents whatsoever. It was a bit sad when Sofe and I were seperated in Lima, but she was looking forward to get back to Arequipa. She really likes it there.

She will contact you about her flight från Arequipa till Lima when she is going back home.

Kind regards

Ann Stensman

Hello from Moncton

Dear Rosa Luz

I am finally taking a few minutes to send you a thank you note for doing such a beautiful job in helping us plan our trip to Peru. The trip was a success from start to finish even if we had some problem with altitude sickness. Jose and you deserve a special THANK YOU for handling our medical emergency with such professionalism and bring us back to lower altitude the very next day. It was very reassuring to have Jose there with us and be my interpret since I don’t speak Spanish.

I have only good things to say about my trip and all the people we have met and dealt with along the way. The efficiency of the tourism industry in your country impressed me the most. No delays, friendly KNOWLEDGEABLE people, respectful and superb service.

People at the hotel went out of their way to give us what we needed. A little example I have in mind: one night in particular we were coming back from an excursion around 9 PM and were not feeling well and only wanted to eat cereal for supper… but cereal is not on supper time menu … so we mentioned our dilemma to the waiter on duty and he let us have cereal on condition that we kept it a secret and not tell other guests…NOW THIS IS SERVICE!!! (we were so excited at having our cereal, we felt like two little kids sneaking candy from our parents HA HA HA!!!)

Again, thank you very much for a job very well done and if I have the opportunity to recommend your organization I definitely will.

Clauda LeBlanc and Claire Cyr


Dear organization,

December 15- 18 you have organized a tour into the Colca canyon as part of our holidays ( subcontractor for Catdm) We are very pleased and would complement your organization for the execution of this trip and your fundamentals of sustainable tourist journeys. Our special thanks and recommendations are for our driver Coco and guide Frank, two very communicative, skilled and entertain-able guys who have informed us about multiple subjects and made our trip unforgettable.

Thanks for the contribution of your organization as part of our Holidays,
Christa and Peter Vos ( Olanda)=