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Testimonies of our clients

Tyler Horton

July 2019

I would highly recommend Giardino Tours to all my friends!

Going to the natural hot springs with my guide and driver and the Condor Lookout were my favorite parts.
I greatly enjoyed all of my tour.
Guide and driver?
INCREDIBLE! They both were so incredible and gave perfect service. They both deserve a raise. I came on this tour by myself and they both helped me feel very welcomed and included in everything.

Colca Canyon Excursion

Jorge Bueno

June 2019

Excellent and professional

I would highly recommend the 3 tours we completed with Luis and our two different drivers. Upon our return, we will be leaving good reviews of our experience on the internet in order to help inform other tourists.
What was your favorite part of the tour?.
The Colca Canyon was the highlight of the 3 tours. In speaking with Luis, we absorbed a lot of information and felt as if we were traveling more with a friend than a guide.
Was there anything about the tour that you didn’t like? Please feel free to go into as much detail as possible.
The tours were great. In our time in Peru, in Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa, Giardino were the best tours we had. My only complaint is that I wish we stayed 2-3 more days to enjoy the city and the outside regions.
How was the service of guide and driver?
Both drivers were excellent and professional. They were concerned with our overall safety and courteous. The vehicles were kept clean and comfortable. Luis was very engaged and observant of our needs. He was flexible with requests and often asked for feedback. His passion for teaching comes through easily. His English is also very good.
What else would you like us to know?
I’m sure we will return to Arequipa one day when I visit my mother country again. I will definitely be seeking Giardino for when we return!


July 2019

Keep up the good work

I really enyojed the Tour. For that reason I would defenetly recommend your company or book again.
What was your favorite part of the tour?.
The Colca Canyon. Also the Tour Guide was very good. Many informations of everything
How was the service of guide and driver?
Very good. They knew everything and I always felt save.
What else would you like us to know?
Keep up the good work!

Colca canyon Tour


July 2019

Everything was excellent!

A highlight was when the condors were displaying their show, the guide stayed longer than planned to allow us to enjoy the show until the end !!!

ColcaCanyon Tours

Giovanni Mereghetti

May-June 2019

Really thank you!

Here I am back in Italy.
I wanted to thank you for the professionalism and efficiency you gave me in my trip to Peru. It was a fantastic journey. Very efficient and personal services and guides always at the top.
I hope to return to your wonderful country in the future. I would like to forward this mail to Karla but I don’t have her email, will you forward it?
Really thank you. – Best wishes and a big hug.

Program Peru 15 days “Golden South”

Don & Nancy Piercy

May 2019

Really thank you!

Here are some comments on our trip to Peru:
Driver Ralph was very pleasant for our drives to/from the Lima airport.
The Larco Tour was a highlight for us. Great guide (Sarah), the only negative was the long commute in traffic (1hr each way). The guide at the museum was excellent. Again, we wished we had more time as we could easily spend another hour in the museum.
The Allpa Suites hotel was a good choice and the staff were great. Our room was very comfortable.
Arequipa city tour – Our guide Hadig? was good, we got a good overview of the city and enjoyed visiting the market. Monasterio de Santa Catalina was a highlight for us, as the tour was very interesting. Casa Andina Standard was a great choice.
Colca Canyon tour – Our guide Elar was great, as was our driver. We really enjoyed the tour; this tour was a highlight. The buffet lunch at (Casa de MamaYama) was excellent.
The Lake Titicaca Islands tour was very interesting, the local cultures and traditions are fascinating. Taquile Island tour was very interesting and a highlight. The lunch was also very good. Tierra Viva Puno Plaza hotel was good and staff were friendly and helpful, but our room on 2nd floor faced a noisy street.
Puno-Cusco: Nice tour bus and good guides.
Cusco: City tour was good. Tierra Viva Salphy Hotel was excellent, staff were very friendly!
Sacred Valley tour: Good tour, the lunch at Tunupa was wonderful. We enjoyed the Pisac and Ollantaytambo ruins and would recommend both.
Inca Trail Hike & Machu Picchu: Our guide Beto was excellent. His english was good and knowledge of history, the environment and the area was great. Arriving at the Sun Gate and the view of Machu Picchu was definitely a highlight of our trip.
Having the cellphone was nice and provided reassurance the trip would go well. We really enjoyed Peru and your wonderful organization and the helpful staff made it very pleasant.
Overall we had a great trip.
Thanks again!

Jana Berankova

April 2019

BIG thanks!

We would like say BIG thanks to Sandra, our guide in Colca Canyon tour from Arequipa to Puno. She was very knowledgeable and nice to us!
We definitely recommend her and your agency going forward.

Eliana Pauca

April 2019

Millón de Gracias

Ante todo agradecerles el excelente servicio prestado a mi y familia en Arequipa y Colca. Nuestro guía Luis Ángel fue muy amable, compartió mucha información interesante y sobre todo logró tener toda la atención de los niños en el grupo. Los choferes todos muy amables. También hemos disfrutado mucho de nuestra cena de despedida en Casona 7.
Todo realmente muy recomendable. Millón de gracias.

Rufino Sanz

October 2018

Agradecimiento por el servicio y atención a Giardino Tours

Agradecemos a Giardino Tours E.I.R.L Calle Jerusalén 604 – A, Arequipa – Perú, en especial a Carmen Rosa Vasquez, que ha sido la persona que nos ha diseñado un circuito maravilloso por Perú.
Además, el personal de la empresa con la que he tenido el gusto de tratar, tanto Karla como Juanita, que han estado en todo momento pendientes de nuestro grupo y solucionar cualquier incidencia rápidamente. También nuestro agradecimiento a sus guías, Joel, Gerber, Mitzy, José Luis y Carmen Rosa Canales, y a todos los conductores, gracias a todos ellos, nuestro viaje a Perú ha sido un gran éxito. Hemos disfrutado de la hospitalidad peruana, de sus hermosos e irrepetibles paisajes y su riquísima y sana comida.
Será un viaje que siempre recordaremos y recomendamos a todos aquellos que estén dudando si hacer un viaje tan largo vale la pena. Claro que vale la pena, ha sido inolvidable.
En resumen, muy buena atención, inmejorable servicio y han cumplido con todas nuestras expectativas en nuestro circuito por Perú.
Abrazos para todos del grupo SANZ.

David Mahas

October 2018


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work you put in to make our little trip really nice. We appreciate your efforts in arraigning the flight and the transfers. I have no complaints, everything was first class. The rooms at El Hotel Las Dunas could use a make over but the common areas and the food were great. The Marriott and the luxury Collection in Paracas are nice even by US standards.

Ignasi Girau

August 2018

¡Mejor de lo esperado!

Respecto al viaje en conjunto, fué mejor de lo esperado. Hemos vuelto con un gran “sabor de boca” por los buenos recuerdos que nos quedan ( hice 1.010 fotografías ).

Programa Sur de oro 14 días

Rebecca Luttrell

May 2018

Everything was great!

Everything was great! Juana was punctual and extremely helpful. She even loaned me a cane to use because my knee was bothering me. I can’t say enough good things about her. The guides at Machu Picchu were also wonderful. Someone was there at every step to show me how to get to the train and bus and hotel. I also appreciated how helpful you were in planning everything. I never would have been able to get all the details straight on my own.

I will definitely recommend Giardino to my friends if any of them ever travel to Peru.

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