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The Colca canyon

The Colca Canyon is one of the most scenic regions in Peru, a land of imposing snowcapped volcanoes, narrow gorges, artistically terraced agricultural slopes that predate the Incas, arid desert landscapes and vegetation, and remote traditional villages.

Some of Peru’s most recognizable wildlife, including llamas, alpacas, vicuñas are easy to find here. Also the canyon is home to the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus); here you will have the best chance to get of them amazing pictures!.

With a depth of 10,725 ft (3,270 m), it is one of the deepest in the world and more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States.

Organized daily excursions from Arequipa city for 2 and 3 days; small groups, flexibility, unique activities, transfers, flexible options, hikes and much more.


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