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Colca and Volcanoes Valley

Colca Canyon & valley of the Volcanoes

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The Wonderful Colca Canyon & Valley of the Volcanoes

Our 3- and 4-day excursions from Arequipa city are a combination of the amazing Colca Canyon with the Valley of the Volcanoes in the region of Andahua.This is a unique and amazing experience visiting areas that are witness of the intense volcanic activity that took place approximately one million years ago. The valleys offer a unique species of flora, fauna and fascinating beauty such as waterfalls, gorges, lakes, agricultural areas, traditional towns and amazing landscapes. On 2019 UNESCO has declared that the Colca Canyon and the Andagua Volcanoes, are now officially part of the Unesco Global Geoparks.
We invite you to enjoy with us these wonderful journey, with the best service, guarantee and the personal touch that characterizes us!
New! - A great excursion with a Combination of Colca Valley and volcanoes valley in Andahua en only 3 days!
Colca Canyon and Volcanoes Valley is a fascinating combination of two stunning valleys in a 4-day tour
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About the Valley of the Volcanoes

the valley of the volcanoesThe Valley of the Volcanoes: The Andagua volcanic field (also known as Andahua) is a volcanic field in southern Peru which includes a number of cinder cones, lava domes and lava flows which have filled the Andagua Valley (which is also known as Valley of the Volcanoes for this reason).

The volcanic field is part of a larger volcanic province that clusters around the Colca River and is mostly of Pleistocene age, although the Andagua sector also features volcanic cones with historical activity, with the last eruption about 370 years ago. Eruptions were mostly effusive, generating lava flows, cones and small eruption columns. Future eruptions are possible, and there is ongoing fumarolic activity. Volcanic activity in the field has flooded the Andahua valley with lava flows, damming local watersheds in the Laguna de Chachas, Laguna Mamacocha and Laguna Pumajallo lakes and burying the course of the Andagua River.

The Climate and vegetation is very interesting. Temperatures vary between parts of the volcanic field, with Ayo having a semi-warm climate with temperatures of 15–24 °C (59–75 °F) while Chachas has 1–17 °C (34–63 °F) and Orcopampa of −10–12 °C (14–54 °F).  The climate in the region is dry with a wet season that lasts from November to April, although humid periods have occurred recently, including two around 600 and 1000 AD linked to El Nino phenomena.  Vegetation in the volcanic field corresponds to the puna and suni vegetation types, but farmland also occurs[50] on agricultural terraces. Plants include xerophytes as well as ichu and yareta and varies with elevation; the Laguna Mamacocha and Chachas are populated by fish and form oases. (Fuente: Wikipedia)

About the Colca canyon

Valley of the volcanoesThe Colca canyon is a canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru and is the deepest canyon in the American continent (4,160 mts). It belongs to the five deepest in the world and its valley is one of the most scenic regions in Peru.

It is a land of imposing snowcapped volcanoes, narrow gorges, artistically terraced agricultural slopes that predate the Incas, arid desert landscapes and vegetation, and remote traditional villages.

Some of Peru’s most recognizable wildlife, including llamas, alpacas, vicuñas are easy to find here. Also the canyon is home to the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), a species that has been the focus of worldwide conservation efforts.

Tha valley is located about 4 hours from the city of Arequipa and is one of the most popular destinations in Peru for trekking, nature and culture experiences.

Enjoy the unique Andean geography of the Valley, walking over 4900 m.a.s.l. Share activities with locals, walk through traditional villages, play with the curious alpacas and llamas, taste our traditional dishes and Andean products, learn about our unique textiles and of course, observe astonished the famous and majestic Condor.

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