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Arequipa Countryside biking Tour

Arequipa Countryside biking Tour

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This tour is a healthy way to know by bike all the aspects of Arequipa city. The countryside biking tour goes through the next places: Paucarpata district, Yumina town, Sabandia district and return to downtown. On request and depending on you, we can add Characato district and maybe even Mollebaya.

Here we will see the two faces of Arequipa city, that means we will observe the developed area of the city with its idiosyncrasy, social status and organization (In this area taking care of traffic) and on the other hand, the countryside of the city, observing farms and how the people live in that area, the agricultural pre Incas terraces, watering systems, water springs, etc.


  • Guide.
  • Transfer in/out from city center/ hotel.
  • Mountain bike with front suspension.
  • Helmet, gloves, kneepads and elbow pads.
  • Tools kit.

Technical Information:

  • 70% paved road and 30% unpaved road.
  • 30 to 35 km of route.
  • There are slopes and hills (up and down).
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