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The Pisco Route & Toro Muerto petroglyphs

The Pisco Route & Toro Muerto petroglyphs

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2 Days

Arequipa city has also its own Route of the Pisco and 22 wineries take part of this famous route. It will be a great and  interesting experience to discover the process of making the “National Drink of Peru”.  We also enrich this Tour visiting in our second day “Querullpa”, an area where dinosaur footprints were found and Toro Muerto, a collection of ancient petroglyphs scarfed on 3,000 to 5,000 volcanic rocks.

Details of Tour:
  • On our tour “Full-Day Pisco Route” we will visit 3 wineries.
  • In each Viñedo (Vineyard) you will receive information about the different types of our liqueur Pisco.
  • You will learn about the varieties of grapes. For example: negra criolla, italia, moscatel, torontel, quebranta y mollar.
  • We also will note that the “artisanal” elaboration has not been lost; to finally obtain its fine and aromatic taste.
  • Walking & guided visits to the wineries.
  • We will not miss during the tour the “Cata” of Piscos (tasting).
  • If you wish you can buy some drinks or products.
  • Overnight in hotel in town of Huancarqui.
  • Drive through Majes valley and visit to Querullpa (Dinosaur fooprints).
  • Visit Petroglyphs of Toro Muerto.
  • Stop in  a traditional restaurant in Majes valley for Lunch (Dishes based on schrimps or in request other dishes)
  • Tourist Transport.
  • Professional English Guide.
  • Accommodation in hotel + Breakfast.
  • Permanent assistance.
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