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Tour to factory & Outlet Mundo Alpaca

Tour to factory & Outlet Mundo Alpaca

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Mundo Alpaca in Arequipa City is a 2 hrs tour where we will visit to the factory and Outlet of the company “Mundo Alpaca”. The visit  to the company was designed with a view to offering visitors the chance to enjoy and live the alpaca experience while interacting directly with these animals. Also visitors are able to watch live demonstrations of traditional fibre-sorting techniques and traditional weaving;  in addition you will visit the interesting Museum of Textile Machinery and the Outlet Boutique.

Tour Inclusions:
  • Professional English Guide.
  • Permanent assistance.


You will discover:

  • To get to know alpacas and llamas and their different breeds.
  • Live demonstration of the age-old traditional process of alpaca sorting.
  • Demonstration of how vicuña is de-haired.
  • Live exhibition of weavers.
  • Visit the Textile Museum.
  • Boutique and factory Outlet.

TIP:   At  end of our tour visit  the Boutique to find new products & designs of great quality.  😉 

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