Añashuayco quarry tour; 2 hrs


Añashuayco quarry, is the place where the iconic sillar is extracted; the white volcanic stone that is used in many colonial buildings around Arequipa. The quarry is located in the like-named valley at about 2120 m.a.s.l. within the district of Uchumayo, and by car about 15 minutes away from Arequipa.

Duration: 2 hrs approx.
Suggested time of departure: 8:30 am


On the beginning our guide will explain the origin and geological formation of the quarries and we will have the chance to observe the extraction of sillar. Also we will learn about the importance of sillar for the Arequipeñan buildings and culture, and why it has been used to construct most of the older parts of the city. We will have an opportunity to talk with the workers who carry out this tough work.
To reach this place we’ll cross popular Arequipa’s neighbourhoods, where your guide will also give you some insight to the social and in-migration problems of our city.

Includes: Transportation and Guide

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