Bolivia & Its highlights


Bolivia is a  very interesting country. For its proximity to Peru it is possible to add some of its highlights to your Perú program or if you want also to take it independently.


Salar de Uyuni.

Uyuni is not only the world’s largest salt flat (With 10582 square kilometers (4 086 sq mi)). and with an elevation of 3 656 meters (11 995 ft) above sea level; but also the most fascitaning place in Bolivia. The area really leads to the feeling of being on another planet!
Since 2013 Uyuni town offers regular flights directly from / to Cusco or from / to La Paz (Capital), making the access to the area more comfortable, and not to exhaust with overnight drives by Bus or train.

La Paz capital.

La Paz itself is a dizzy city that have to be looked with respect, not only for its well-publicized altitude (3660m), but also for its quirky beauty. A city Tour to discover the city is highly recommended.

Copacabana town.

Copacabana is  the main Bolivian town on the shore of Lake Titicaca; another highlight close to the border of Peru. Copacabana town is also a religious mecca, (Virgen de Copacabana) for locals and international pilgrims.  Also the town is the launching pad for visiting Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna and makes a pleasant stopover between La Paz and Puno.

Other excursions.

Extension for another highlights such us Tiwanaku ruins, Potosi city, Sucre city, Coroico, etc. Can be always added to your program. Please ask your Giardino Agent for more information about these great destinations!