Hiking from Canacota to la Calera

Optional short hiking from Canacota to Calera – Colca valley

This activity is designed for people who have an extra day in the Colca valley and would like to spend more time within the exciting landscape of the Colca valley.

Duration: 2 ½ to 3 hrs.

You are picked up from your hotel for the drive to the Canacota village (3,550 m), where we will start our hike. During the walk we will appreciate a small Canyon, and later on –when we walk in parallel to the Colca River- we can observe a colorful variety of plants, shrubs, cactuses and birds. With some luck we might even see the “Giant hummingbird”. At the end of the tour we will stop by the Calera hot springs to relax during an enjoyable bath. This hike will give you the opportunity to become more familiar with the lifestyle of the Colca-people, local products and to learn some interesting facts about the formation of the Colca Canyon.

Please note: from the Calera hot springs there is no transfer to the hotel included, we will need to take a taxi or a public transport!


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