Short hiking from Coporaque to Uyo Uyo (Colca Valley)

Optional hiking from Coporaque to Uyo-Uyo.

The tours are designed for people who have an extra day in the Colca valley and would like to spend more time within the exciting landscape of the Colca valley.

Duration: 3 ½ hrs.

On this walk we pass through two archaeological sites; Yuracaca (a pre-Inca cemetery from over 900 years ago) and San Antonio (an old Collahua community). On the way we reach a small gorge where we observe the various types of plants, shrubs and cactuses and have beautiful views of Yanque town. Heading forward we arrive at Uyo Uyo, well preserved remains of a place that was originally a Collahua village dating back between 900 and 1000 years. The terrain is a little bit hilly in some parts, but the trail is kept in a good condition by the daily walk of the locals.

After the tour we will drive you to Chivay or Coporaque town for lunch (lunch not included).


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Excursion to Colca canyon