Other interesting excursions in Bolivia

Other interesting excursions in Bolivia.


Half-day tour.- Departure from La Paz.
Arrive to Tiwanaku at 09:30 for visiting the Lithic and the Ceramic local museums, and also visit archeological remains in Akapana Pyramid, the Semisubterranean temple, the Kalasasaya, the Gate of the Sun and monolith representations.

Inclusions: Transport, bilingual english-spanish guide.


COOPERATIVE MINES.  – Half Day Tour – departure from Potosi city.

Pick up from your hotel toward the miner market, where you will be able to buy presents for the miners that you will meet inside the mine. To visit inside the mine, you will be taken to a miner cloth deposit in where you will wear special security gear, such us: rubber boots, helmets, head lamps, batteries, and water proof jackets. The most important cooperative mines are located at 4250 meters above the sea level, and depending on your adaptation you will be visiting several levels under the soil, or just go in the first 150 or 200 meters away from the main entrance.

Includes: Private transportation to the miner market and the mine, mining gear (boots, helmets, lamps and water proof jackets), tour guide, entrance fee to the mine.


CITY TOUR. Half Day – deaprture from Sucre city.

We visit the main museums of the city combining history, textiles, ethnography and folklore with the most representative outdoors sites such as plazas, and parks, as well as the architecture.

Includes: Transportation: Private for the tour. Admissions: For 2 museums.Guide.

SUCRE TARABUCO FULL DAY. – Departure from Sucre city.

Although many visitors may miss the annual Phujllay celebrations in March, you will want to catch Tarabuco’s colorful, sprawling Sunday Market, which features high quality artesania: pullovers, charangos, coca pouches, ponchos and weavings that feature geometric and zoomorphic designs. The colorful wares lay out in stalls around the plaza and on the side streets lend a festive and a light – hearted atmosphere.

Inclusions: Transportation, lunch and guide.



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