Paracas, Ballestas islands and Nazca lines.

Paracas, Ballestas islands and Nazca lines.

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Paracas, Ballestas & Nazca

The Ballestas Islands also called “the small Galapagos” is the perfect place to admire the famous Candelabro Geoglyph, a giant three-pronged figure etched into the sandy hills, which is more than 150m high and 50m wide. Also you will appreciated  large herds of noisy sea lions sprawl on the rocks. The most common guano-producing birds in this area are the guanay cormorant, the Peruvian booby and the Peruvian pelican, seen in colonies several thousand strong. You’ll also see the cute Humboldt penguin and, if you’re lucky, dolphins.

Paracas is blessed with the most spectacular stretch of coast along the Peruvian shoreline. The unique landscape features a saltladen desert that runs down to a deep blue sea through horseshoe-shaped beaches, gigantic cliffs and rocky bluffs carved out by the wind and waves. The Paracas National Reserve, which stretches across 335.000 hectares, is one of the country’s best beach destinations and  allow visitors  to appreciate the beauty of the place and its diverse flora and fauna.

Nazca and the word “Lines” belong together; Nazca is an ancient geometric lines and animal geoglyphs that crisscross the Nazca desert. Like all great unexplained mysteries, these great etchings on the pampa, thought to have been made by a pre-Inca civilization between AD 450 and 600, and attract a variable fan of visitors. Question marks still hang over how they were made and by whom. Documented for the first time by North American scientist Paul Kosok in 1939 and declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1994, the lines today are the south coast’s biggest tourist attraction of Peru.

Oasis Huacachina: The Huacachina oasis is an aesthetically perfect desert located 4km west of Ica, is a firmly established stopover on Southern Peru’s and interesting for visitors that would like to walk through the dunes or enjoy a experience of  Sandboarding, dune-buggie rides and good-old romantic night.



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