Peruvian Amazon Jungle

The Peruvian Amazon Jungle


The Peruvian Amazon is the area of Amazon jungle which lies inside Peruvian territory; it spreads east of the Andes to its borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. This region covers 60% of Peru and is marked by a large degree of biodiversity.

The Peruvian Amazon is traditionally divided into two distinct ecoregions:

The lowland jungle, called Selva Baja in Spanish, is also known as the Omagua region, Walla, Anti, Amazonian rainforest and/or Amazon basin. This is the largest ecoregion of Peru, and lies between 80 and 1000 meters above sea level.

The highland jungle, in Spanish known as Selva Alta and also called Rupa-Rupa region, Andean Jungle or Ceja de Selva, extends into the eastern foothills of the Andes, lying between 1000 to 3800 m above sea level.
The Peruvian Government, (SERNANP) has declared different areas of the Amazon as protected zones, because of their distinct geographic characteristics and rich flora and fauna.

A varity of Lodges, some of them located in strategic or protected areas, offer diverse options of activities and all inclusive programs from Standard to specialized.

Giardino Tours Operator works together with the most prestigious Lodges, that are specialized and certified companies in the Amazon region and well known for their responsible and social work in this area.

Also we have long term agreements with each lodge that allow us to offer you special prices for all programs. These programs can be added to your Peru’s Main Itinerary or if you want, you can take it as independent program.

We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful places of the earth; our Amazonas!

Lodges & Programs according to area.


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