Tipon, Pikillacta & Andahuaylillas Tour; South Valley

Tipon, Pikillacta & Andahuaylillas Tour; South Valley

South Valley: Tipon, Pikillacta & Andahuaylillas. – Half day Tour.

This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, lakes of Urcos and Huacarpay, Inca architecture in Tipon, pre – Inca Wari architecture in Pikillaccta and a beautiful chapel, known as the “Sixtine Chapel of America”

Departure: 8:00 to 8:30 / End: 15:30 PM (03:30PM).
Type: With a Group 15 to 22 persons (shared)
Language: Tour guided in English and Spanish.
Inclusions in Tour: Tourist Transportation; Professional bilingual guide during Tour (English / Spanish).
What is not Included: Entrances; Lunch (You can try the famous Cusco`s speciality “Cuy al Horno” Roasted Guinea pig in Tipon) other extras not mentioned.

Note: Mini buses & buses are not allowed within the historical center. Customers will be picked up from their hotel by an agent and walk together to a meeting point to start the tour.

About the sites:

TIPON: Tipon is said to be a royal garden commissioned by Wiracocha. It is one of the most elaborate examples of agricultural terracing created by the Incas. These tall terraces which run up the narrow valley are irrigated by an aqueduct from Pachatusan, the mountain above the site. In addition to the terracing there are also some other structures at Tipon, including baths, a temple complex, canals and aqueducts. Tipon is definitely one of the lesser visited sites in the Cusco area but it is equally as impressive as those in the Sacred Valley. The Tipon Archeological Complex is located 24 km southeast of Cusco.

PIKILLAQTA: Pikillacta is the only pre-Inca site in the Cusco area. This adobe complex was built around 700 to 900 years AD by the Huari Culture, in the area, there is a small Inca site just a short walk from Pikillacta, known as Rumicolca, a travel checkpoint for the Incas.

ANDAHUAYLILLAS: Here you find the “Sixtine Chapel of Peru”, a church that is home to golden altars, paintings and many colored ceilings. The chapel is simple and unassuming on the outside, but on the inside you’ll find masterpiece after masterpiece. Also some paintings from famous “Escuela Cuzqueña” can be appreciated. On the return pass Saylla typical Cuzco where people can enjoy the delicious pork chicharrones, or roasted ginea pig (optional). We returned to Cusco for approximately 14:00 pm.

*This Tour is consider a Vip Shared Tour because the group is not larger then 14 persons and have daily fixed departures
*This program can be costumized as private service. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Types of available tickets:
There are 3 main areas of interest in and around Cuzco that are grouped in 3 circuits.
Tickets have an end date and there is only 1 entrance per sight allowed.
The General ticket (BTC): includes 3 circuits within 10 days.
The partial ticket (BTC): includes only 1 circuit with duration of 1, 2 & 3 days.
Special prices: Children from 10 to 17 Years old / Student from 18 to 25 years old (with valid ISIC card only.)


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