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Fomo Traveler
Condors, lamas and amazing food in the Colca Canyon

“I didn’t have to wait long to see my first condor…s! Not just one! We spotted around 10 condors that morning! It was beautiful to see how they were rising with the thermic. So graceful! And big! There wingspan can be around 2,5 meters! Sometimes they landed and gave us a close up look. And twice a condor flew by so closely that my lens was too zoomed in to take a proper photo! Wow!..”

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Brendan Vermillion
Colca Canyon: The Day of the Condor, Cuy and Chicha

“Both the guide and the driver were incredibly friendly and helpful. I swear, that driver had eyes like a hawk. He could spot a chinchilla resting on rocks beside the road. I don’t normally advertise hotels or tour companies, but I was so impressed that I am going to go ahead and just say it. I used Giardino Tours and would use them again in a heartbeat.”

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Organizo Tu Viaje!
Excursión al Valle del Colca desde Arequipa.

“Nosotros hicimos la Ruta del Valle del Colca con Giardino Tours; y una de las cosas que más nos gustó a parte de su estupenda guía Olivia, fué que siguen una guía turística ambiental.  Nos encantó la Filosofía de la empresa, el conocimiento y el compromiso con su zona. Ojala todo el mundo actuase igual cuando viajamos”

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Blog: poraieporaqui / Vale del Colca

“Depois de muitas pesquisas, achamos boas recomendações da Giardino Tours. Lemos boas criticas sobre eles na internet e as nossas trocas de emails eles sempre foram rápidos e prestativos. Por causa dessas questões fechamos o passeio do Vale del Colca com eles.” Read the Blog here: Poraieporaqui


Sawyfarmgirl - 2 weeks in Peru

“We did a 2-day tour with Giardino Tours, but I would recommend three days if I was booking again. The Colca Valley is beautiful and there is hiking trails all around Chivay, so an extra day to hike and explore would have been perfect and we really enjoyed the tour”

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