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Winter Campaign 2021

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10 July 2021 Winter support to villages Pillone & Vincocaya

This 2021 is a very difficult year but we are committed to continue supporting those in need and that due to the pandemic they suffer more than those of us who live in the city.

10 of July 2021 we organized our Winter campaign 2021 and thanks to the support of all Giardino’s friends and clients we were able to meet our goal and realized our activity in the high Andean areas where the winter season is hard and especially children suffer from respiratory diseases due to the cold.

We visit the towns of Pillone and Vincocaya were visited and It was delivered:
Polar blankets for adults and children

Rubber boots for the rain for children.

Balls for chilcren and activity playing with them.

Wool socks and sweaters for Children.

We thank with all our hearts all the people who collaborated in one way or another with this 20th campaign against the cold.

You make the world move!


Giardino Team 2021


#TogetherWe can #Help us #Arequipa
#ContraElFriaje #Peru #Responsible Tourism🇵🇪

#TogetherWe can #Help us #Arequipa
#ContraElFriaje #Peru #Responsible Tourism🇵🇪

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